Daveen Saimo studied art a the La Jolla Art Center and the San Franciso Art Institute in California. A native of that area (Southern California) Daveen and her husband left the north county of San Dieog in the 70's to seek more rural area in which to raise their two children.

After living in various places in Oregon they ended up in Sedona and felt they had found the perfect place to live and work. Both Daveen and her husband, Shig, pursued photography as an art form when first arriving here. The thunder clouds and infinite spaces of the Southwest were a totally new and fresh experiene for them and they literally chased the clouds to capture the perfect photo.

Although Daveen ejoyed photography her first love has always been drawing and painting. When registering her daughter for Yavapai Collage one day she noticed that a watercolor class was being offered, taught by artist Ellery Gibson. That class under the excellent instruction of Mr. Gibson opened up a new area of expression for Daveen and she has been painting in this medium ever since.

Her works have been shown in a number of Northern Arizona Watercolor Association Shows of which she is a member and are in private collections also. She spent two years in Baja California teaching art at an orphanage there with the "Food for the Hungry" organization.

She and her family moved to Cornville, AZ where they are gardening and farming, her second passion next to painting.

Daveen has lived in Sedona and Cornville for over 35 years and has always loved the beauty that is here. "Yet I never really appreciated the magnificence of the Red Rocks until I started to draw and paint them. It is said that an artist never truly knows her subject until she starts to paint that subject, be it a person, place or things. By painting the Red Rocks of Sedona I have grown to know and love them in a wider dimension through all the seasons and the constant change of light and shadow that plays across them."

"I hope my paintings speak of this love to you."

Daveen Saimo, 2012



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